Hydraulics - Pumps, Valves Etc,


Hydraulics - Pumps, Valves Etc,

With strong, light weight hexagonal boom construction, a TC Series truck crane can safely lift up to 5,300 pounds. TC Series cranes come in 7 models with hydraulic extensions of up to 19.5 feet. These cranes can be powered by either a power take-off pump or a battery operated power pack. Designed for low maintenance, these cranes use US standard hoses and hose ends making them easy to service and maintain.

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Compact design, napuires minimum mounting and stowage space
Available in 7 models with hydraulic extensions toles feet
Strong, light weight hexagonal boom construct.
PTO pump or truck battery operated
Simple installation as all models have the same mounting bolt pattern
Easily serviced with readily available US old hoses and hose ends
Rugged, cast steel base with enclosed Cl bath stewing gears

Safety Devices

Counterbalance safety valve mounted dmactly to main lift
cylinder in-cab power shutoff switcb on DC models

Active and passive overload protection
Hose failure valves

Load Charts

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